Why build with Atlassian

Customize your Atlassian product to suit your needs, or integrate your product with ours


Out of the box, Atlassian products are powerful tools that keep your team in sync. But every company is different, and “one size fits all” isn’t going to cut it for your company. Need a specific feature? You can build it yourself with our APIs. We’ll give you the tools to help you.


If you also make a tool that helps teams be more productive, why not integrate with our tools? Our products are used by tens of thousands of teams around the world. Connect directly into our growing customer base and change the way their teams work.

We'll make it easy for you

We provide the cloud environment

How about a sandbox with 5 free users? Just head on over to go.atlassian.com/cloud-dev to sign up for a free instance of our flagship products.

You choose the stack

Like working with open web-based technology? Atlassian lets you use your own language, your own framework, and your own hosting solution. Our platform is agnostic, so you’re free to write your code however you want.

Now you're part of the community

Need help building with us? We have a large developer community that is always there for you. Get help online through our community forum , or get help in person by attending AtlasCamp.

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