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Already developed an add-on for an Atlassian product? Sell it in Atlassian’s Marketplace, our app store for customizations and integrations. Atlassian has thousands of customers across its products, and all of them have access to Marketplace to search for solutions that fit their needs.

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Marketplace takes care of the licensing and provisioning, so you can focus on what’s important: maintaining and improving your add-on.

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Your paid-via-Atlassian add-on is purchasable through our shopping cart system. We’ll help you set pricing, and you can forget about the rest.

Make money

Our model is similar to other app stores. You receive 75% of the revenue of your add-on sales, and Atlassian receives 25%.

Businesses built on Marketplace


“I had written a plugin that integrates Chef (a popular configuration management solution) with Atlassian Bamboo… and realized that I could make a business out of developing add-ons,” says Wittified co-founder Daniel Wester. He got the idea while working for an enterprise organization and has since built a thriving software company on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Zephyr wanted its add-on to sit inside of JIRA to deliver the best functionality to customers. At AtlasCamp, Zephyr developers worked side-by-side with Atlassian to build the integration. Samir Shah, founder and CEO at Zephyr, said, “Atlassian was so open about everything, helping us through the process. They asked what we needed and provided APIs and source code. No other company will do that for you.”

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